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   The Liberties EP is a project that started in August of 2020 after finding a very rare photograph of my Grandmother and Grandfather who spent their lives living in the Liberties, Dublin. That along with speaking to an elderly neighbour of mine who came from the Liberties but moved out in the early 80s with his wife brought the idea for the title track. The project has hit many road blocks due to COVID19 and the completed version has not yet been offically recorded.


Track One


   The EP begins with the title track The Liberties, a story of a husband struggling to find work in Dublin in 1982 so decides to immigrate with his wife, son and daughter to Chicago. As the husband finds work easy enough and seems to have settled into life in the States, his wife on the other hand is struggling with their new life abroad. With home sickness kicking in, depression taken its toll and an alcohol problem starting to develop, her worried husband tries to help her by making a promise,


  "I promise, just you and me.

   Will return back home some day,

    to the Liberties"



Track Two


  Oliver Bond flats in the heart of the liberties is where I grew up, and during my childhood days I had a friend who we called 'Boyla'. Darren Boylan was his real name, and we would play football, ride bikes and do all the other stuff you expected from kids in a big concrete playground. After a tragic accident, Darren passed away and it left the whole community in shock. Can We Still Be Friends is  a song written in memory of Darren, with a chours that simply says,


 "I know I'll see you again,

  when I get to heaven,

  can we still be friends"



Track Three


  The final track on the EP is What A Day, a song about someone coming to terms with losing their job. The start of the early 90s it felt like every second person in the liberties was either out of work or on the verge of being made redundant . Years later in 2019 I lost my job and when worrying about how I was going to get by it got me thinking about how my family scraped by during the early 90s.


  "What do you do,

    what do you do,

    when the luck runs out on you,

    do you drop down to your knees and reach the sky?"



  The Liberties EP is due for release in September 2021 with pre orders available from early August.

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