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   With the pandemic still raging on and not being able to play gigs and entertain in front of a crowd, it had me thinking about what I really miss most. Yes I miss the atmosphere, I miss meeting new people, catching up with friends and the whole buzz involved when it comes to performing or watching a show. But what I miss most is the stories. I loved and hopefully when its all back to normal will still love telling the story behind a song before performing it. And I don't mean like a song introduction, I mean a full on story. That little interaction was so meaningful to me, especially before the songs that are about factual events in history. Christy Moore is a master of this craft and could bring a whole room to silence as he tells them the origins of a song, and then begin the song and have them all clapping, cheering and singing away. The next time someone from that crowd is having a few pints in their local and that song comes on they'll be saying to the person next to them "beh ya don't know wha tha songs abou?". All of a sudden you have an hour long conversation about the origins. I've been that someone many a times in my local, "No your wrong thats not wha tha song is abou" "it feckin is because Christy told me".


  These were alway the most memorable gigs I've been to because not only did I have the fantastic music on offer I also had some knowledge to take away with me. I'd be sitting at a pub quiz on a Thursday night thinking "anything comes up about that song, just pass that sheet of paper over here". Now saying all this, not everyone is wanting to go to a gig for a full on history lesson of every song your going to play. But its definitely a nice touch to throw in one of these at each gig for different songs each time.


  During lockdown I've started to take each of my songs and try write a short story about them. Adding in little bits of dialogue here, a bit of humour there and just seen how it would turn out for the craic. Now a few of the stories I don't think I'd get away with telling at a gig, but theres one or two I might do. So now I'm focusing on writing songs and stories all at once and to be honest not only has it been keeping me busy during the pandemic, it has been really enjoyable. Who knows, maybe when all of this is over I can share one of these stories with you. But until then, Stay Safe.


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